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A free, confidential 24-hour crisis line is available for those who may have questions or concerns about domestic violence and for those who are in search of a safe home.

195 Union Street, Newark, Ohio 43055 (740) 349-7066 Provides 24-hour emergency shelter for men over the age of 18 and emergency assistance. 599 East Eighth Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215 151 North Sixth Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 (614) 224-6617, ext.

Welcome to the premier site for Dayton Christian dating for Christian singles in Dayton. We know that you live in Dayton for a special reason, whether it’s family, the people, or something else entirely.

Today, why not explore a few other reasons to stick around and meet some fun new friends?

This is partly a story about a woman who refuses to accept her station in life.

Ophelia is not content to be beautiful and beloved; indeed she is disgusted by the number of men who lust after her.

Beautiful teenager Ophelia is in love with the eligible Prince Hamlet of Denmark.

He loves her too, but many things are not right in Castle Elsinore.

Go ahead and consider these notes as a special salute to everything Daytonian, as well as a sort of bucket list of things to look into as you look for love.Ophelia lives to tell the tale of what happened at Elsinore"The nights at Elsinore are longer than anywhere else.I have stayed awake these many weeks, which has aided me greatly in my portrayal of one who has gone daft.For my skin is pale as fresh daisy petals, and my eyes sink inward, rimmed by bruise-like swells of purple. has lost touch."It isn't easy dating a prince, especially when that prince is Hamlet. It is up to clever Ophelia, with the help of her friends, to find a way to save her prince and herself.The Ophelia lives to tell the tale of what happened at Elsinore"The nights at Elsinore are longer than anywhere else. It could easily drive a young girl to madness, or so it would seem. Only then can she finally reveal the truth about what really happened in the famed castle at Elsinore.

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