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Although this is probably a common feat for others, it was an accomplishment for me - one big enough to blog about since my absence over a year ago.

I’ve always loved oysters but the idea of holding a razor-sharp oyster shell in one hand and a pointy knife in the other while jabbing away at the oyster was intimidating enough to send me scurrying to a restaurant where all the work has already been done for me.

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Thanks & Regards Subhashini Karthikeyan Extn: 616-394-8674 Neew liffe! We could do nothing down and disintegration of the dike. hi forum, i have created a report that call it from a jsp file, it is working properly till i add a subreport! Placed a image icon in jsp page ,on click of this excel image icon excel report is getting generated ,able to view a and b value , third field which is supposed to hold total of first two field is as of now null as i don't know how to set formula logic using i Report tool i just placed a text field alone for view .

When I saw the ad for the Party Mix Box Set, my first thought was that I HAD to place an order before it ran out.

How I would crack open an oyster was the least of my concern.

So a slow week went by in which I waited with eager anticipation for my oysters to arrive (still oblivious to the fact that I was an oyster shucking virgin) and they were finally delivered to my lobby, in a wooden crate wafting with the faint aroma of the sea.

Phorum follows guidelines for what is was developed: Speed and Efficiency.

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