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Bomford said he knew nothing about the “birthers'” claims. Bomford said he only expected relatives researching their family tree would be interested in the document when it was posted on the Internet. Taitz declined to throw in the towel and admit she was duped by a forgery, however, instead claiming that the “Bomford [birth certificate] was created to try to discredit my efforts” and suggesting that hoaxsters had created an identical (phony) Kenyan Registration of Birth in order to discredit her genuine (phony) Kenyan Registration of Birth.

He said the fake Kenyan birth certificate contained his personal details and was clearly based on his own South Australian document. Another Barack Obama “Kenyan birth certificate” of dubious origin was offered for sale by one Lucas Smith via e Bay in August 2009: The image is part of the extremely ill-informed conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Mombasa — conveniently, one of the more Muslim parts of the country.

These two donkeys stole our hearts and have come to live the good life with us on our 5 acres of hilltop country heaven in Mc Kinney, Texas.

Their rescuer said she hoped they would find a forever home where they could follow you around as you drink your morning coffee. Granny and Shadow have handfuls of visitors all day -- with fresh watermelon, apples and carrots in hand.

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Except it's not your average, run-of-the-mill birthday cake, as she starts the video by declaring, "Today I'm going to attempt a f*cking miracle: a damn cake with no eggs, no flour, and no butter." That's right — Peggy was on a mission to make a vegan and gluten-free cake to suit her grandson's "trendy diet." While concocting the cake, the comedic grandma shared some of the ingredients, such as vanilla, xanthan gum, and "just a little bit of brown sugar — not too much." But the key ingredient in the cake batter? "Nothing says love like your granny baking you a fine-ass birthday cake," she says. That's f*cking delicious." Watch her video above, and prepare to get your daily (or weekly) dose of giggles.

unveiled her latest piece of dubious evidence in her long-running quest to demonstrate that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States of America: A photograph of a document purporting to be a Certified Copy of Registration of Birth issued by the Republic of Kenya in was actually a forgery based on a copy of an Australian Registration of Birth issued to one David Jeffrey Bomford (who was born in South Australia in 1959) which was grabbed off the Internet and used as a template for creating the fake Kenyan certificate: Bomford said it was hard to believe “a grey-haired old guy sitting in a corner in quiet old Adelaide” had been swept up in a push to unseat the most powerful man in the world.

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