Sorority dating rules

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Dave/Daisy introduces herself as Stacy, but is known the rest of the movie, and in the credits, as Daisy.

See more » I was excited when Sorority Boys came out on video and DVD it's one of the funniest comedies of 2002.

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Most thought it was another mindless sex comedy , but actually I found it to be more better than some of the other gross out college comedies.

If you’re considering joining a sorority this year, enthusiastic Greek friends and relatives may have already bombarded you with advice about rush.

In addition to being given pointers on how to dress and what to say, you may also have been told that you need to spend the summer acquiring letters of recommendation. I thought I was applying for a sisterhood, not a job!

Jessica Williams is the CEO of Phired Up, a company that works to grow Greek organizations.

She says it’s important to remember that all schools are different.

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