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Therefore, liquidating dividends are considered a return of shareholders' investments, rather than profit on them.All of the corporation's debts must be paid before it can pay liquidating dividends.A dividend paid to shareholders out of a company's capital or assets, rather than its earned income.That is, a liquidating dividend occurs when a company pays more than its total profit in dividends.When a company has more liabilities than assets, equity is negative and no liquidating distribution is made at all.

The business must be profitable or have a positive retained earnings account in order to make a regular dividend.

A regular dividend is the distribution on profits or retained earnings for a period.

This is the amount of money the company has earned in addition to the original amount of money the shareholders invested to start the business.

Cash can only be paid to shareholders if the company's net assets are positive.

The management team at Company A has decided to declare a dividend of .00 per share and has 800,000 shares of common stock outstanding.

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